Our Current Project


The North Conway Recreation Path is designed to provide opportunities for physical activity to improve fitness, mental health, and safe transportation alternatives. The 2.9 mile path will be a paved path supporting residents and guests of all ages and abilities with convenient parking at the Hemlock Lane trailhead (near Walmart), Cranmore Resort, and points in-between. Walkers, joggers, bicyclists, and others will enjoy this multi-purpose scenic path and all that it offers along the way, including access to local businesses, and connections to the Pudding Pond and Sticks & Stones trailheads for hiking and mountain biking.  

Now that this project is complete, we look forward to continuing the trail north towards Bartlett. Eventually we will "Close the Gaps" and link short sections to form a continuous trail system, a "Linear Parkway" that provides recreational opportunities to residents and visitors along the way.

See our current project with a proposed route and trail links in the Mount Washington Valley.