About Our Group

The Mount Washington Valley Trails Association has the mission to develop and maintain a sustainable and comprehensive off-road trail network within the Mount Washington Valley for non-motorized recreational use, including without limitation bicycling, mountain bicycling, running, trail running, and cross-country skiing. The Trails Association was incorporated to hold, maintain, and steward in perpetuity trail easements and licenses held on private lands.

The Mount Washington Valley Recreation Path Committee has the mission to build and maintain multi-use recreation paths within the Mount Washington Valley area that provide residents and visitors alternative community access and opportunities for safe and family-oriented recreation and transportation.

In 2013, the MWV Trails Association and the MWV Rec Path Committee joined together to consolidate the effort of creating a trail network in the region, and formalized the Rec Path Committee as a standing committee of the Trails Association.

In 2014, the Mount Washington Valley Trails Association obtained 501(c)(3) status.