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What would a recreation path do for our community?

Here is a fine example:  Stowe Recreation Path

This is what visitors think of the Stowe Recreation Path on tripadvisor.com

Here is a List of Community Benefits


Are there Rec Paths located in New Hampshire? Elsewhere in New England?

Here are some of our favorites: 

The Mountain Division Trail, just over the border in Fryeburg, ME

Other Rec Paths in New Hampshire

Rec Paths in New England

To find a trail anywhere in the USA:  www.traillink.com


Is a landowner liable for personal injury if a path goes across private property?

NH Landowner Liability Laws from The Saco Valley Land Trust

Landowner Liability from NH Fish and Game

Recreational Use Statutes from NH Parks and Recreation


How are property values affected by the proximity of a Rec Path?

"Effects of Trails and Greenways on Property Values", prepared by the National Association of Realtors, 2015

"Trails and Property Values", prepared by the Penn-Tammany Greenway

"Rail Trail Studies", compiled by the Friends of the Bruce Freeman Trail, Chelmsford, MA


Additional Resources

Rails to Trails Conservancy
Complete Streets
NH Bike-Walk Alliance
MWV Bicycling Club